Did you stop playing games because you got old, or did you get old because you stopped playing games?

Cycle Lights

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Schweddy Balls!

Schweddy Balls

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Current Machine Progress

Almost there …

Some Random dates ….

Class – May 21st
Sent – May 23rd
Received – May 25th

  • July 9th – 45 days
  • July 24th – 60 days
  • Aug 3rd – 70 days
  • Aug 23rd – 90 days
    68 days received letter Aug 1st
    Aug 2nd – DMV
    Aug 8th received card in mail
    75 days from class to card.

    MAME, Paint Done

    After much sanding and hole filling. Two coats of sanding sealer and 6 coats of satin black, the outside is pretty much done. Just been to oder the graphics now. The marquee is just temporary paper to get an idea what it would look like.